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The Author's Voice is the premier online training platform for authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs looking to add a new revenue stream in their business. Whether you are an author looking to publish your book or an administrative assistant looking to expand your business by working with authors and speakers, we have the training programs to help you become a Certified Publishing Professional.

Training for Entrepreneurs

Our two training courses, the Author Assistant and the Speaker Assistant training, open any entrepreneur to new revenue streams. Whether you are looking to help others publish their book or want to start the publishing process for yourself, you can learn the industry's best practices for publishing and become a Certified Publishing Professional!

Best Practices

These training courses were created by Jan B. King and we are continually updating them to reflect the publishing industry's best practices. The course teaches you what to look for in a publisher, how to avoid scams in the industry, and what steps are necessary for you or your clients to walk away with a professional self- or traditionally published book!

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Learn how to professionally assist others (or yourself) in the processes of writing, publishing, and marketing books.


Join a community of other Certified Publishing Professionals to create a community and help each other.


Learn the skills to help clients (or yourself) professionally self-publish and what to avoid when working with a client.


Test your skills and knowledge along the way to become a Certified Publishing Professional.

Pre-Built Systems

You don't have to reinvent the wheel with our pre-made systems and documentation ready for you to use.


Have questions? Need to update your account? Send us an email or a message through our contact page.

Training Rooted in Experience

We have over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry. Our training courses are based upon the original Author Assistant and Speaker Assistant training courses created by Jan B. King. We are continually updating and revising the courses to bring you the industry's most comprehensive and up-to-date information available.

About Jan B. King

Keeping Her Legacy Alive!

Jan King developed the Professional Author Assistant (PAA) course to provide support to virtual assistants who want to become the go-to resource for their author clients. Jan knew authors make great clients and the number of books being published and printed annually was increasing at an unprecedented rate, and eBooks would continue to send it soaring. She saw a tremendous need for virtual assistants who could provide those services to authors who don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. PAAs can help authors write and sell more and do less of what’s in between.

Most of her own clients were nonfiction authors. She worked as a publishing strategist; a combination of an old-fashioned editor at a publishing company and a literary agent. About two-thirds of her clients went the self-publishing route and one-third found major traditional publishers. The one part they had in common was they all NEEDED an author’s assistant and a team of professionals to help through the process. Jan developed the Virtual Author’s Assistant Training Program to give VAs the skills they needed to serve this market and regularly recommended author’s assistants to authors looking for help.

Author Assistant Training Program

How-to Publish a Book

Create a Manuscript

Prepare to Publish

Market the Final Book

Build a Brand

Speaker Assistant Training Program

Learn How to Help Speakers / Authors Maximize Their Reach

Brand Identity

Website Design & Development

SEO & Analytics

Social Media Generation

We Make it Easy to Connect with Readers and Writers

Within each training course we share the best way to connect readers and writers to make your business shine! These courses teach you to connect with the reader who will fall in love with your book. Our Certified Publishing Professional Course also provides a training module with the best practices for connecting with the authors you will serve.

Stories From Students

Cheryl Calligan Virtual Author Assistant

“I work with several authors and I’ve always got work going on. There are at least 100 steps in the publishing process and I follow my authors from the manuscript to published to the end of the journey – promoting the book. It’s just amazing how much it takes to get a book out there! As a veteran virtual assistant of twenty years, Jan’s program gave me new services to offer my consulting, speaking and coaching clients. I feel very confident in all the services I offer.”

Colleen Wietmarschen The Author's Voice

Forward to 2015, I won the Jan B. King Scholarship to take the Professional Author Assistant program and now I am certified. The PAA program is thorough (who knew there were so many steps to the process). Each section of all the Modules is prepared in an organized fashion and as a visual learner, I enjoyed viewing the videos for another run through of the material. The course covered all aspects of the process from creating the manuscript to publishing to marketing. The Challenge Exercises at the end of each Module prepared me to tackle any aspect of the publishing process. I’m enjoying teaching authors and writers that their written manuscript is more than just words.

Karen Reddick Virtual Author Assistant

“I’ve always loved books and it is so rewarding to help authors get books published. As soon as I became certified as an author’s assistant, I found seven new author clients in two months. I work with authors almost full time at this point."

Joni Snowden A Novel Space

Originally, I began working as VA focusing on Human Resources, but I wanted to switch to something different and still use my public relations degree and background. Looking for a way to blend my corporate and administrative knowledge with my love of books, writing, and publishing (without having to move to New York) I discovered the Author Assistant world.

The Author Assistant program (originated by Jan King) and now offered by The Author’s Voice, provided the training, knowledge, and resources needed to make the transition I wanted. I went through the course in about 14 days. The program is broken down into sections with video modules you can follow along with an accompanying workbook and reference book. The program takes you through all aspects involved with publishing: manuscript creation, the publishing process, and the marketing success of the final product.

For me, investing in this program was one of the best things I could do to grow my skills. Now, with confidence, I work with both traditional and self-published authors helping them to promote their books. I love it.


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